Morski Puz Diving Rovinj

Bay Vestar

Maximum depth: 5 Meter

Banjole | Centro immersioni Morski Puz Rovigno | Istria

Our housereef is a shallow dive, most for courses or check dive. But it can be a breaththaking dives. 

It is situated just in front of the dive center, in the delimited swim line. Easily you can stand up and get ready. It starts in shallow water, and once you go on the right sides it has a lot of rocks, sands an yellow sponges. 

The maximum depth is around 5mt and during this dives you can encounter seppias, seahorses, torpedo rays, nudibranches, conger and lobster, and much more. 

You can dive till the pipe and then turn around. The best chances to encounter the seahorses is at around 3-4 mt close to the yellow sponges.