Morski Puz Diving Rovinj

Porer Island

Minimum depth: 5 Meter

Maximum depth: 25 Meter

Dive site Porer Riff | Diving center Morski Puz Rovinj | Istria

Porer Island is another diving spot where only a few centers go diving.

We anchor to the northwest of the island, where we are protected in case of northerly winds.

The wall gently descends from 5 meters to 20-25 meters. In this diving point you can encounter bomb residues; don't worry they are safe. This diving spot is full of fish and with a bit of luck you can also meet sea horses.

Deeper in depth you can encounter cat sharks and rays. Naturally you encounter nudibranchs, scorpion fish and octopuses.

Suitable for beginners and experienced divers