Morski Puz Diving Rovinj

Meet the Team

Let us introduce you the Team that will be diving and teaching during season 2024!
We are so happy to have such an amazing group!

Maddy Mazzucco
Jurica Hrosc

The new owners of the Morski Puz Diving center Rovinj. Maddy Trainer SSI with many years of experience, is the contact person for booking and organizing your holidays. Jure SSI Instructor, is the super captain who you will always find with a smile on the boat waiting for you.

Thomas Federer

SSI Dive Instructor, he who always does everything he can to give every diver, student  a fantastic diving experience. Thanks to his many years of diving experience and relaxed manner, he exudes maximum calm and conveys security, which is appreciated not only by diving students, but also by experienced divers. He speaks German and English.

Filippo Cellini

SSI Dive instructor, from Italy. Filippo worked for and managed with his father a dive center in Sardinia for the past few years. He loves diving and sharing his passion with others. His calm and passion will conquer you.
He will be from the beginning of the season till the end.
He speaks English, Italian and Spanish.

Elisabetta Sabellini

SSI Dive Instructor from Italy. She, as Filippo, worked in Sardinia together. She loves sharing her passion with the underwater world with other, her smile, enthusiasm and love for diving are contagious. You can meet her from April till October. She speaks English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Amelie Bennewitz

SSI Dive Instructor. Our lovely Amelie will also come back and this year she will be working as Dive Instructor during August and September. Amelie is great with teaching, she has a lot of patience and she is able to transmit this to our divers. She was our seahorse whisperer. She speaks German, English and French.

Lena Steiner

She is our Divemaster in Training. She is from Austria and is already an Advanced Open Water Diver with most of her diving done in Austria. She will assist and learn throughout the season to become a Divemaster. She will help you when checking in and out. She speaks German, English and Spanish.

Anna Olesch

SSI diving instructor. She was already with us last year. She will return to help us in July and August. Anna has many years of diving experience and she can teach not only recreational but also technical diving. She has an energy that spreads to everyone around her! She speaks German, English and Croatian.

Andreas Dietzel

Divemaster. He was also with us last summer and decided to return again this year for 2 weeks at the end of May. Andreas is able to transmit calm and peace to others, especially underwater. He worked for the German Red Cross and now works at the Actionsport center in Nordhausen. He speaks German and English.

Michael Thueringer

SSI diving instructor. Michael will return to us in August. He works in Germany for the German Red Cross and in his free time he dives in the beautiful Nordhausen Lake and teaches diving at the Nordhausen diving center. He has passion, enthusiasm and love for teaching diving. He speaks German and English.

Jordi Otten

SSI diving instructor. He is from Holland and will work with us in July and August! He has experience not only in recreational diving but also in tech diving. During the winter he collaborates with a diving center in his country, so diving in the dark, in the cold and with the current is normal for him. He speaks Dutch and English.

Nick Laresser

From Austria, He is an IAC diving instructor, loves diving and is proud to be able to pass on her knowledge to others and train them! He loves the opportunity to give scuba courses and meet amazing people. In addition to being a diving instructor he is also a great musician. He speaks German and understands a little English.

Thomas Guenther

CMAS diving instructor from Germany. Thomas is a regular customer of our dive center and this year he decided to come and help us in the months of June and July.
He will share with you his great experience and knowledge of the dive sites around Rovinj and his magical wrecks. He speaks German and understands a little English.