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Wreck Baron Gautsch

Length: 89 Meter
Width: 11,5 Meter   
Maximum depth: 39 Meter
Minimum depth: 28 Meter

It was built in year 1908 as a luxury passenger ship. Only during the First World War, the Austrian Navy requisitioned the ship to be used as a troop transport and as a shuttle between the Adriatic coasts, but soon the ship went back to her original mission.

The Baron Gautsch, in the summer of 1914, while it was sailing on the line Boka Kotorska - Mali Losin - Trieste, with many passengers on board (estimated between 280 and 350) who escaped the First World War, entered the minefield set by the Navy defense of the port of Pula and hit a submerged mine for reasons never well ascertained.

The ship sank on August 13, 1914, seven minutes after hitting the mine, at six nautical miles southwest of the S. Giovanni in Pelago lighthouse. The Austro-Hungarian Navy had set up a minefield to protect Pula, the main war port.

The ship is protected by the Ministry of Culture in Republic of Croatia.

Diving is possible only through diving centres that have special approval of the Ministry of Culture, and entering the ship is allowed only through the first two decks, for safety reasons.

The ship is standing in an upright position, very well preserved and is known for its unforgettable dives.

Suitable for AOWD with a minimum of 50 dives, deep specialty.

Decompression Dives only for divers who have a certification for it. We offer Deep Specialty, Wreck Specialty, and Enriched air Nitrox to dive on the Baron Gautsch!

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