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Wreck Hans Schmidt (Istra)

Length: 99 Meter

Width: 11,5 Meter

Maximum depth: 43 Meter

Minimum depth: 35 Meter

The exact circumstances of why it sank are still unclear, as is the name since the wrecks name was "Istra" for long time. The cargo ship was built in the Netherlands and took his name "Hans Schmidt" from his last German owner.

This cargo ship sank in 1943 by hitting an anti-mine craft and was broken in two parts, a bow which is 10 meters long and the residual part of the wreck, which is 10 meters away. Diving through the wreck is possible because of its size and passing ability.

Wreck Hans Schmidt (Istra) | Diving center Morski Puz Rovinj | Istria

Particularly interesting and of historical interest is the special type of anchor that has not been in production for more than 100 years. In consideration of its old age, it is very well preserved and covered by interesting underwater flora and fauna.

The ship is protected by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, diving is possible only through diving centres that have the special approval of the Ministry of Culture. Suitable for AOWD with a minimum of 50 dives, deep specialty.

Decompression Dives only for divers who have a certification for it. We offer Deep Specialty, Wreck Specialty, and Enriched air Nitrox to dive on Wreck!