Wreck Giuseppe Dezza TA - 35

RN Giuseppe Dezza

Having a mutiny on a warship ,  is a disgrace to the entire Navy. Not to be repeatedly reminded, the deserted ships were renamed to Fiume . The RN Pilade Bronzetti was here shortly after its reintegration into the Italian Navy, on 16 January 1921 –renamed her  in RN Giuseppe Dezza and  led her on the tactical Bug ID DR.

The ship was now the School of Naval Mechanics in Venice placed under there and did two and a half years without any other special events service.

In October 1923 the RN Giuseppe Dezza  came for an overhaul. Here, the tonnage of the vessel was changed to 616ts standard displacement.

The new weapons on board certainly played a role. Because of the new armament by Weyer, the number of crew on board was increased from 85 to 94 men.

So ready for new tasks, the ship was stationed in 1925 in Naples and did duty there.

This changed in April 1926 when it was placed under the torpedo division. His duties included, for example. the carriage of the Governor of Tripolitania Tripoli for Naples.

1927 RN Giuseppe Dezza was stationed in Taranto and appointed its flagship division.

On 1 October 1929, the RN Giuseppe Dezza then became degraded from, Torpediniera-into torpedo-boat  because it could not keep up firepower and technology  no longer with the modern destroyers from that time. For a long time then nothing special to report more ...

After German troops in sufficient strength were on the ground in Fiume (now Rijeka),  the RN Giuseppe Dezza of then was recovered from the shallow basin, thoroughly de-rusted ;-)) and then also sometimes converted properly.
Date for commissioning in the German navy was then the 9th June 1944.

It almost would not have happened, but the boat should actually be passed to the Croat NDH-Marine feed up to the allies of the German Empire on a little lake. But because of the lack of its own warships in the Adriatic nothing came of it.

The Italian name was legally changed to Prussian-pronged TA 35, TA was to "torpedo boat abroad."

Brought to the TA 35 made rebuilding again with a change of displacements and increased from 616ts on 686ts standard displacement. The team has been increased from 94 to 130 men. Regarding the change in the armament is also not clear.
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The sinking of the TA 35:

After little more than two months in military service TA 35 was  at one of her escorts trips on 17  August 1944 between Pula and Rovinj in Fasana channel she stroke a mine. As a crossing point at that time were the coordinates 44 ° 53 'N / 13 ° 47 `E determined. The effect of the mine  was devastating. The bow section was torn from the ship TA 35 and  sank rapidly- in the floods.

Another version speaks  of a torpedo attack by Allied aircraft appears, according to Italian research wreck diving in the files of the German Navy the sinking was caused by a mine.

The force of the explosion was at least as big  that the ship was torn apart in the front third . There was a loss of 71 lives.

Today, Wreck Giuseppe Dezza leigt at a depth of 33 meters just on the sea floor.  Preserved are  another 40 yards of the ship, the rest fell prey to destruction. In the central part one can still imagine the dimensions of the former disaster, over a length of 40 feet by dipping a real shambles. The well-preserved large cannons still bear witness to its wartime past and offer a beautiful location for underwater photographers.

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