Wreck Hans Schmidt (Istra)

The "Istra" is a passenger ship that collided in 1898 with the Italian ship Capraia. This configuration also results in the huge entourage, still visible hole or break off the bugs. Some sources refer to this vessel as a cargo ship that in the first World War II, according to some sources even before the 2nd World War is to be dropped.

Hans Schmidt, a Large freighter, was built in 1920 in Rotterdam.The Istra  sank  on 1/24/1943,  near Pula on a mine, the strong secondary explosion, probably loaded the ammunition, this  separated the bug  from the rest of the hull. This information will appear under the ship construction and the damage as unrealistic.

The Istra today lies at a depth of 33 to a maximum of 42 meters on the sea floor, the bug is all about 20 yards from the ship. The wreck is about 90 meters long and 12 meters wide. Well worth seeing is the imposing four-bladed propeller. Discarded fishing nets which span parts of the ship, offer a great photo backdrop.

In the vicinity of the wreck is also still torpedo ammunition from the 2nd to find World War II, was buried here.

Tip. Beware of dives to Istra, due to the greater depths and the stunning scenery you can easily overlook the dive time. Another danger comes from the fishing nets, in which one can easily get stuck, if you are  not prepared!

The Istra is next to the Baron Gauthier and Coriolanus a historically and an  important wreck on the coast of Istria! Untill now there is no  evidence of the ship's name, they never found anything like a bell with an inscription, shipyard china. The design of the popular dive wrecks pointed to a construction date back to the turn of the century.

By chance we got the blueprint, in the northern Adriatic missing "Hans Schmidt" in his hands. This has a very great similarity to the wreck.

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